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Apostrophe'S is a 3D Creative Lab specializing in 3D technology solutions, such as designing & editing, scanning, printing, prototyping and manufacturing.
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One stop solutions
3D Design

Your 2D design, photo, or idea can be transformed into a 3D model using our 3D design service. Regardless of how the idea is present, we offer clients 3D design advice in order to create the best possible end product.

3D Scanning

We utilize static, dynamic and portable scanners; our scanners are able to capture details including shape, texture and color. Our selection of different industry-level 3D scanners can scan details as small as 0.06 mm, and streamline traditional means of 3D modelling. 3D scanning can also be used for film & television, video games, CGI animation, as well as medical and industrial applications.

3D Printing

We offer a variety of printing methods, ranging from powder bed to SLA and SLS. Additionally, we offer a variety of printing substrates, from black and white to color. Our printers can produce the finest of details, including details as small as 0.0006 in.

Reverse Engineering

Our reverse engineering service offers an efficient way to generate a CAD model from a physical object with a complex or freeform shape. Reverse engineering redesigns the current product or physical model through dissection. Apostrophe’S provides accurate scanning technology for existing physical models and can convert such models into perfect polygon and NURBS models.


Our manufacturing factory was established in 1984, with extensive experience in OEM (Original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (Original design manufacturing) product development; this experience allows us to manufacture a wide variety of high quality products. All employees adhere strictly to ISO9001 standards with ICTI & GSV certifications. Past products manufactured include vinyl figures, action figures, polystone figurines, and other toys or collectibles. Our past clientele include Disney, Bandai, Hasbro, Papo, and Wal-Mart.